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              Jordan with her cow Tequila.

Located in NW Missouri, between Kansas City and St. Joseph, we have a small, but growing herd of Irish Dexter Cattle running on 12 acres of pasture.  Our little cattle come in every recognized Dexter color - red, dun and black.  Most of our animals have horns because, frankly, we like them that way.  The gentle disposition of Dexter’s generally precludes de-horning.  However, we sometimes dehorn bulls. 


We like to describe the Irish Dexter Breed as the “Poor man’s cow on a rope”.  They are what we call family cattle that our ancestors raised in their backyards on the rolling windswept, rocky hills of Ireland. As a bovine breed, Dexters are considered very docile and gentle. They can be easily taught to handle and train.  This makes it much easier for young children to train Dexters for showing in cattle events.


Pound for pound, Dexter cattle cost less from birth to the finished product.  Economically, these animals have the ability of turning forage into rich milk and quality lean meat.  Dexters may be finished on either grass or grain.  They mature in 18-24 months and result in smaller cuts of high quality lean meat of graded choice with little waste.  The expected average yield is 50-60 %.  The meat is slightly darker red in color than many other breeds.  Proportions are also of a smaller size which benefits for a healthier eating style.


With the size of Dexter cattle, fertility is high and the calves are born without assistance. Ease of calving is a much-desired trait within this breed


Each year, we offer stock for sale.  Please visit our “Stock For Sale tab” to see what we have available at the moment.


We welcome visitors who might want to see them "up close and personal like"  Give us a call or send an email to arrange a visit! 


Phone 816-244-3368


      ESF Red Iron Strutting his stuff in the show ring.

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